Celebrating The Pioneer Valley’s Food and Drink Culture, Season by Season

edible Pioneer Valley is the community resource that connects the dots between our readers and local growers, producers and food artisans. Locally owned and published, edible Pioneer Valley is the place to learn more about the bounty of our region and the people who make it possible. 

Our mission is to build and strengthen local communities through one thing we all share: food. We tell the stories of farmers, fishers, food artisans, restaurateurs, brewers, vintners and others whose work is part of the glue that bonds our community together.

Beautiful, Informative and Engaging

Through quality journalism and gorgeous photography, we celebrate the joys of eating and drinking locally, explore our region’s rich culinary and cultural heritage, and advocate for the importance of growing a strong local food economy. 

With compelling and informative stories and many recipes in each issue, our readers refer back to their copies again and again.

Why Edible?

The local and sustainable food movement continues to grow at an exponential pace. Over 50,000 ads were placed last year in locally-owned edible magazines across the country.  Here in the Valley, more and more consumers want to know where their food comes from, and want to learn more about what’s available locally.

Your partnership with edible Pioneer Valley shows readers that you support a strong local foods economy. By enabling us to tell the stories that promote our region’s growers, producers, purveyors and artisans, you connect directly with tens of thousands of devoted readers in a meaningful way. 

edible readers are passionate about the topics we cover, and are more deeply engagedthan they are with general interest media. They’re more attentive when they read your marketing message, which enhances ad effectiveness and elevates the value of your brand. 

edible surveys tell us that our readers savor our publication cover to cover, including the ads, and that they use our Source Guides as a resource for finding local businesses. Unlike general interest media that’s typically discarded after one read, our readers keep our issues for future reference. As a result, your ad can have many repeat impressions.

Our readers also appreciate that we always print more editorial than ads, and that our in-depth writing is rooted in honest, independent journalism.

Our Readers Are Your Customers

edible readers are informed, connected, socially active consumers who are seeking quality local products and experiences. 

Most dine out frequently and enjoy wine or beer nightly, but they are also terrific home cooks and gardeners and actively pursue healthy lifestyles. They are champions of the local businesses that make edible Pioneer Valley possible. 

About Our Readers

51% are women, 49% are men. 

Median age is 36.

84% are college graduates.

81% are professionals, educators and entrepreneurs.

In Print

Over 15,000 copies distributed per issue. 

Readers find us at over 70 strategic locations throughout the Valley and via paid subscriptions.


Interactive digital edition with live links to your ad.

 7000+ visits per quarter to digital editions.

Fast-growing social media fan base of over 3000 (300% increase in 12 months).


Our current rates are below. You may also download our Media Kit. Contact Mary Reilly for more information.

Advertising Rates - 2015

All advertising packages include a 40-word listing in The Source Guide (available in the magazine and online). 

Marketplace and larger ads also include promotion of your events and news through our social media channels.

If you require assistance with building your ad, we provide ad-building support at no additional cost

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Source Guide Listing | 40-word listing featured in magazine and online guide. Included in all ad packages. 4x commitment (billed quarterly) required for Source Guide only. Sign up for the Source Guide here and get listed immediately!       $100
  Width x Height        
Marketplace  2.35” x 2.3” $275 $255 $235 $215
Eighth Page 

3.75” x 2.3”

$450 $425 $395 $375
Quarter Page

3.75” x 4.75”

$800 $750 $695 $670
Half Page 

7.5” x 4.75”
3.75” x 9.5”

$1300 $1225 $1150 $1085
Full Page 

8.5” x 11”
(plus 1/8” bleed)

$1900 $1825 $1750 $1685
Inside Covers (front or back) $2500 $2400 $2300 $2200

Back Cover

$3000 $2900 $2800 $2700