Finding your perfect flour



If the idea of milling your own grain at home seems like a too big a project for you, there are a number of options for fresh-milled flour in the Valley:

Four Star Farms grows many varieties of grain and offers whole grains and whole-grain flours for sale. They mill to order, once a week. Place your order online or by phone. You can have your order shipped to you or pick up your fresh-milled flour (by appointment only) at the farm., Northfield, 413-498-2968

Upinngil Farm grows organic grains and offers them for sale at their self-service farm store. You may buy whole grains to take home or grind them yourself in the store’s mill., 411 Main Road, Gill, open daily 8am–7pm

Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA offers a range of grains to its CSA members. Shares are on sale now for delivery later this year (check their website for details on pricing, share sizes, and grain varieties). The CSA offers milling options at various pickup locations around the Valley., locations throughout the Valley

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Going With the Grain

Tips for Success

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Blender Milling


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